Greg Sulik, M.D., M.A.

The Mission of the Medical Acne & Skin Care clinic is to provide professional care at an affordable cost to all patients, including those without easy access to specialty services. To accomplish this, I am focusing care to areas where my experience and training can help the most people.

Because I saw the impact of acne on student's lives, I became certified to prescribe Accutane more than a decade ago. Since then, I have successfully treated countless cases of severe acne and safely monitored for potential side effects. When Accutane is needed, I carefully monitor each patient with lab work and regular face-to-face evaluations.

With similar goals for accessibility, I also provide common medical skin services including suturing of cuts, evaluation of suspicious moles, liquid nitrogen treatment of warts, skin tag removal, and diagnostic skin biopsies when needed. I am fully licensed as a physician and am board certified in family medicine. I have a strong interest in skin diseases and have taken additional training under a plastic surgeon. My goal is to provide affordable care for common skin problems. If your diagnosis is beyond my scope of care, I am happy to make a full referral or work in tandem with a dermatologist or other specialist.

Many patients have trusted me with their skin care, but the true rewards are memories of smiles and thanks. I witnessed powerful changes in self-confidence. Hearing someone tell me that friends, family, and even employers have noticed positive changes, became an unexpected gift repeated many times.

It is difficult to imagine a better reward!