"Doc Sulik is outstanding. He has really made progress for me when other doctors could not over the past two decades. I am extremely grateful for him and all that he does."

- S.E.

"Dr. Sulik, There are not enough words in this world to say thank you for everything you have done for me so far with my Rosacea and acne issues. I want to let you know I did get the Amnesteem medication today and that my insurance did pay for it. Once again thank you."

- D.C.

"I had fought acne my entire life. It not only effected my appearance, but also my confidence growing up. I was always so ashamed. I wouldn't even leave the house without makeup on. I hated my skin. Now, after finding Dr. Sulik, my skin is amazing!! I can not thank him enough! I wish I had found him years ago! He's caring, compassionate and knows his stuff. Thanks for giving me the skin I've always dreamt of doc!"

- E.M.

"I saw Dr. Sulik for the first time at Northern's health center after having seen several other dermatologists. I had struggled with acne since high school. It hadn't been too bad at first, but it got worse until pretty soon I'd look at pictures of myself and think "what happened?!" I had tried all the over-the-counter scrubs and exfoliators and oil-free make-up, then tried prescription creams, and antibiotic creams, and even antibiotic pills, but nothing seemed to kick it. After college, I started working in a hospital, and I became concerned that the open sores on my face were being exposed to a lot of bacteria that I didn't want to have sores around. That's when Dr. Sulik helped me; we talked through all the treatments I had tried and finally decided that if I was willing to make a big commitment for seven months then I could try Accutane. He helped me know what scientific studies had to say about the benefits of Accutane and educated me on how to use it safely. Then we got the process rolling. My skin has improved remarkably since my treatment, and I am very grateful to Dr. Sulik for his help."

- Patient

"After many comments from family and friends about a mole that was on my hand I finally scheduled an appointment to get an irregular mole, about the size of an eraser off of my left hand. Dr. Sulik biopsied the mole and sent it into pathology. It was March 18, 2011 I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. I must say, when he told me I laughed. “Cancer” (which happens to be the worst six letter word in the whole dictionary) has been introduced to me my entire life. My family history is cancer. I’ve lost my mother to cancer. I became so used to the word “cancer” that when he told me it was hard to believe. From that day he literally took my situation into his hands. From seeing me every three weeks, measuring moles and referring me to specialists I had no reason to fear anything; everything was being taken care of. It was that point in my life that admiration and adoration overwhelmed me. I had the opportunity to re-calibrate what was most important in my life. I learned to have a new trust in my body, and started making healthier decisions. I was challenged, humbled, motivated and inspired. My life from that day forward had a new meaning. That eraser had the opportunity to be erased. Melanoma profoundly altered my life in ways I didn’t expect. Dr. Sulik without question took my life into his hands. I can honestly say he saved my life and I am forever grateful."

- A. C.